Paul Schienberg, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychology Services

Paul Schienberg, Ph.D. is a New York City based psychologist with a multidisciplinary practice in the fields of sport, forensic, clinical and organizational psychology.

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The Psychology of Sport.

Sport psychologists are being utilized by an increasing number of amateur and professional athletes, teams and coaches. Research studies and consultation histories have shown that performance enhancement techniques lead to greater success.

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“Paul Schienberg is a natural. He is articulate, engaging and has an extensive psychological background. He brings energy and charisma to every conversation both on air and off”

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Paul's unique approach to empower patients to better understand and change their thoughts and behavior has been adopted in a range of areas. He has developed a stellar reputation in the field of sports psychology and has assisted individual athletes to improve the mental aspects of their game as well as apply his expertise in group dynamics to improve a team’s performance.

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Psyched Online Magazine

Dr. Schienberg is Editor and Publisher of - a forward-looking online magazine focused on the field of sport psychology. The publication translates scientific information into articles that are easily understood and useful to amateur and professional athletes; there are interviews with major figures in the field of sports on the mental aspects of improving athletic performance.